Have fun on the beach with this family learning experience....

It goes without saying that children love the beach. A simple treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is a way to give focus to a day at the seaside or a beach walk for the whole family while expanding your kids’ knowledge and understanding of the natural world and coastal environment. 

Camber Sands beach a short walk from our holiday cottages.
Camber Sands beach just a few minutes' walk from our holiday cottages

The miles of sandy shoreline at Camber Sands are home to a wealth of wildlife as well as the final destination of natural detritus from marine flora and fauna including the moulted shells of crabs and the discarded egg cases from whelks and other marine animals.

Hunt for a whelk egg case
Whelk egg case
Whelk shell
Whelk shell
Cuttlefish bone
Cuttlefish skeleton
Bladderwrak seaweed
Bladderwrak seaweed

What is a Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt, sometimes called a treasure hunt, is simply a game where individuals or teams compete to find items on a list. All you need for a scavenger hunt is a bucket for your finds and a list of items to hunt for. If you don’t want to take lists, clipboards and buckets make it a photo scavenger hunt and take a photo of each item. You can work alone or in teams. 

Here is a suggested list which you can use or adapt, all of which can be found at Camber Sands:

  • white peeble
  • razor shell
  • whelk egg case
  • mermaid’s purse
  • cuttlefish skeleton
  • pebble with hole through
  • flat pebble
  • slipper limpet shell
  • cockle shell
  • a shell with barnacles on it
  • feather
  • mussel shell
  • a pink shell
Mermaid's purse
Mermaid's purse - the egg case from a ray fish
Cockle, mussel and small clam shells can all be found on a beach scavenger hunt.
Cockle, mussel and small clam shells
Razor shell
Razor shell

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