Baby and Toddler Friendly Cottages at Camber Sands in East Sussex

You might think that renting a holiday cottage is the perfect break with babies and toddlers, until that is you start to think of all that kit you need to pack into the car! That’s not the case if you choose to stay at our baby and toddler friendly cottages at Camber Sands…

What about sterilising the bottles?

The Salty Dog and Rock Lobster both have electric steam sterilisers. All our electrical equipment is safety tested regularly and replaced as necessary.

What about all the nappies I’ll have to fit into the car?

Order nappies with your supermarket delivery and while you’re on-line you can order groceries so the only shopping you need to do while on holiday is fresh local produce from the quay and farm shop.

What about mealtimes?

Mealtimes should be a time to enjoy time together as a family. We provide high chairs and booster seats and the floors in the kitchen and dining areas are wipe-down (tiles or wood). You will also find plastic plates, bowls, beakers and cutlery (possibly the same as you have at home. Let’s face it, most families with children have something from IKEA!). There is also a microwave, essential if you’re in a rush and a hand blender.

Baby and mother playing
Baby playing with Daisy Dog soft toy

What about child-friendly restaurants within walking distance?

Don’t forget you are on holiday and deserve a meal out now and again. The Gallivant, just a couple of minutes walk from our cottages in Camber, is a lovely seaside bistro/ restaurant. It is open all day and welcomes children. Their children’s menu is straight forward and made from scratch – not an e-number or preservative in sight! The grown-ups’ menu is great too, making the most of local ingredients. The Owl in Camber is also very family friendly offering great home cooked food. If you fancy going a little further afield, there are also many fantastic and child-friendly eating places in Rye, a little, medieval town just a few minutes away by car.

What about bath-time?

A non-slip bathmat is provided in each property. You will also find a few bath-friendly toys. We do, of course, provide towels for all our guests, including babies.

What about bedtime?

There are 2 travel cots at each property and we can easily provide more with a little notice. We don’t provide cot linen (except for a fitted bottom sheet) as we have found that most babies seem to prefer their own blankets, sheets, snuggle bags, whatever. There are also bed guards available for toddlers who still like a bit of extra security. In both The Salty Dog and Rock Lobster you will find a baby monitor so you can enjoy a relaxing evening while your baby sleeps upstairs. You will also find a selection of bed-time stories to share.

Toddler staring at bathroom basin
Toddler sitting in arm chair

What about the stairs?

We have fixed stair gates at both the top and bottom of each staircase. 

I am potty training my toddler. Will that be an issue?

There is a toddler step at each property to help little ones climb onto the loo or reach the basin. There is also a potty so you don’t need to bring your child’s own.

Is there space for me to “park” my pram/ buggy?

The Salty Dog has a garage right by the front door in which you can store equipment/ bikes whatever. Rock Lobster has a large shed in the garden with space for a buggy or pram alongside any bikes you may bring.

Will I need to bring a lot of toys with me?

All babies and children naturally have their own favourite toys and I’m afraid you will probably not be able to avoid bringing some of those! However, you will find a selection of good quality, well-maintained toys in both properties. Things like Mega-Bloks, puzzle trays, shape sorters and books. You will also find buckets, spades and other outdoor toys for use in the garden and on the beach. At The Salty Dog there is also a paddling pool and a sit-and-ride car. In the cosy playroom, adjacent to the kitchen at The Salty Dog, children have their own TV and DVD selection a small sofa, some bean bags and a much wider selection of toys, books and games. There’s also table football which nobody is too old for! Both cottages have TalkTalk TV which includes the all the usual children’s channels.

But we’ve got twins!

Not a problem! At each cottage there are two travel cots, two high chairs and two booster seats and with a bit of notice we can provide three or more.

Take a look at our Parents’ Information page to find out more then book your ideal family getaway now!

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  1. Such a comfort for parents who haven’t holidayed with their baby or toddler before to know that you’ve thought of just about everything they could possibly need. Makes planning and going on holiday so much less stressful.

    1. We know that packing for a holiday is always tough with young children. There are always a few favourite toys that need to be brought from home but at least parents’ don’t have to find space for cots, sterilisers, bouncy chairs and all that paraphernalia too when they stay at The Salty Dog or Rock Lobster.

  2. It’s amazing how much luggage little ones need on holiday! Being able to cut down on some of it in a well equipped property is absolutely brilliant.

    1. ….and much less stressful we hope!

  3. I can remember all too well travelling when our boys were tiny and having so much stuff in the car plus roof rack and we ended up in some places so badly thought out as far as young children were concerned. Obviously that is not an issue with you and it is wonderful to see little people so well catered for.

    1. We have paid a lot of attention to the safety of not only the equipment provided but also of the houses as a whole – child-safe blinds, kitchen cupboard and drawer locks, finger guards on self-closing doors and fixed stair gates for example.

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